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Ten Fall Recipes On My Bucketlist

Since we are now into September (how did that happen!?) and I am a foodie at heart I of course did a little research on a few new recipes I'd love to try this Fall. I have a mix of ones that I'd want to try personally and some that my kids would enjoy as well . I'm pretty sure Hubby is up for all of them!
Let's get drooling shall we!

Pumpkin French Toast : I mean you didn't think I'd have a Fall list of recipes and not include some pumpkin goodness right? Just the name of this recipe is making me drool! I so can't wait to try this on a Saturday morning.
Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy: If it involves a crockpot I'm so there! This recipe looks so good. I can already imagine how good the house will be smelling.
Hearty Turkey Chilli: I don't know about you but a bowl of chilli on a crisp Fall day is perfect after coming back home from being out all day.
Taco Soup: Another Hearty meal Oh if you follow my Healthy IG account then you know my family and I will have tacos once or even twice a week so this sounds so up our hill!
Cauliflower Bread Sticks: When I saw this recipe I thought Oh my gosh YUM! I already do plenty of recipes using cauliflower so being able to make some bread sticks sounds so good and would be perfect to make a batch while Hubby and the boys are watching a football game. Add some healthy while they get their screaming on.
Pumpkin Pie Frappe: I'll let that sink in a minute...OH YEAH! Heck yeah I have to make that. Oh and you didn't think I wasn't only going to include only one pumpkin thing on this recipe right?
Roasted Cod and Scallions and Spiced Potatoes : OK so this one I'm gonna have to do lots of "try it you might like it" w/my kids as truth be told they aren't really big fish eaters (go figure) but I am trying to incorporate more fish in our meals and this sounds heavenly!
Skinny Spinach Lasagna: Let' see I love Spinach and the kids love lasagna and you've got skinny in the mix what's not to love in this recipe! Sounds like a win-win to me!
Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Truffles: So this recipe just asks you to chill ingredients OH I can do that! This recipe I need to give it a go this weekend as these could be my go to snack for my Fall shows coming back! (Can we HURRY up and get back to TGIF- Scandal!!) It looks like a good recipe for the kids to help out too.
Slow Cooker Apple Pecan Blondie Oatmeal: My kids love oatmeal and this sound like such a good warm breakfast to make overnight for them on a school day. I know hubby and I will love it too.
I hope these recipes will help you get in to the Fall cooking spirit and if you try any of them let me know what you think. I'll keep you posted as to what my family thinks about these recipes as well.
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