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In the mist of the Storm find your Calm

I don't know know about you but as of late I just have felt the pull of go,go go and even with doing so much it feels as if I haven't accomplished anything. At times when I've felt uneasy Ivknow it's time for me to pause and take time to reflect and focus on the word of our Lord.
I must admit that being able to get into r word duel some quiet time at my house is almost impossible as something is going or I'm doing things that drag me away from focus. I have tired getting up earlier to do it but again I must admit I failed but I know I needed it and so that's when i started to look into bible journaling.

What is bible journaling exactly well that's a good question. Well let me see if I can break this down and make it easy.

First things first you Do NOT need to be able to "draw/illustrate" What you do need is a want to learn what's in the bible. For me it's really helped me to sit and have me time w/the word. I love how when I read a verse I may have read so many times it actually has new fresh meeting because I sit in the words and think what is it that these words really mean and I have even surprised myself how I get a totally different meaning of what I originally thought of.

You might be thinking ok so I am interested but do I need special supplies and how much will this cost me. Actually if you are visiting me that means you might be crafty and you already have coloring mediums,and you might have kids who have crayons,markers,pencils. You could either get a bible to use which are specifically made to journal on. I have my own bible I study in but I decided to order one that was made for you to journal on the sides of the pages. I must admit for me the print is small but I've learned accustom to the print now.

Next you'd need some coloring supplies. This is when it gets super fun. Again you don't need fancy supplies you can use what you might have. Crayons,markers, paints,pencils. What m5atters is you are comfortable with whatever you are going to use. 

These are my supplies :
Watercolor paints
Watercolor pencils
My Faith 

Yup I put my faith on the list because you'll need it to pour into what you'll be doing. You have to remember the most important thing is doing this for you and what's in your heart. You don't need to be an artist you don't need to make elaborate. You don't need to think it's perfect. Just do what comes naturally. I have found that just sitting down and letting my heart flow onto what I am doing has made me love each of the verses I right now that much more and really understand what it is that I am reading and the message behind it.

With that being said I would l would love to hear if you try it out. Here are a few of my pages I've created that I've shared on Instagram :

I'd love to see what you do if you also bible journal or decide to start. Go find me on Instagram :eaugustin and let me know you journal as well. 
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