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What Am I eating Nowadays

If you follow me on my "Healthy" Instagram account you'd probably see what I eat on a daily basis as that's where I keep myself accounted for and gain so much inspiration.

Today I thought I'd share what a couple of days of meals look like for me right now. I am on matience which means I'm not trying to lose any weight but keep what I have. I "LOVE" food. Nothing makes me happier then smelling my favorite cooking, or knowing there is pizza coming (my kids can't understand how I could love it so much Ha) I also have learned eating isn't life we eat to keep going yes it's awesome to enjoy it but not to over indulge because THAT is when the problems comes about.

I've heard people say wow Weight Watchers worked for you but not me I don't know why...Hmmm I always ask three things :

1- Did you track EVERYTHING you ate?
2-Did you eat all your points?
3- How true to giving 100 to the program were you?

This is when I'll hear well I tried to track. Well what I have learned that no matter what I eat no matter how small I track it. It is part of what makes the program work that is why it's made. If you are not true to it you are not going to see anything happening.
I also hear but it was so many points I couldn't eat it all. This happens when you first start weight watchers as they give you plenty to work with and sometimes it does seem like too many but those points (which is food) are there for a reason. This is the base to get your body use to an amount of food not eating whatever. You may say but I'm full I couldn't do it then why not break the meals into more then eat every 2 -3 hrs have something small this helps actually your metabolism speed up and guess what happens..yup eating more helps you lose weight strange right?
Last not least I say NOW really are you REALLY putting your 100% into this for yourself. Some say but I work and I'm out and about I can't stop and count and measure well guess what if you really want to get healthy and lose the weight you have to figure out HOW you are going to do it. be it use the tools that are given when you don't have measuring tools you (which are on the site) as well as on the app you CAN make it happen. You are the one putting food into your body. You may say I am SO tired I just want to eat and get it over with.That's fine track it. I've had those days and those are days I reflect later on and say what could I have done different.

My goal to getting healthier was to only lose the weight but to learn how to eat how to enjoy what I did and be healthy over all. Knowing I would be turning 40 (now a month & 1/2 away) made me really say hold on I CAN DO THIS. I love myself enough and my family to be as healthy as possible.

So now that my mini soap box speech is over how about I share some goody good food that I enjoy!

This is on or my usual days :

For me breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. This is usually where I'll eat the "heaviest" and make sure I am full and full of good food to get my day started. I typically will have turkey bacon,Cabbot cheese (find these snack sizes at BJ's) and I love to make low calorie french toast which is so yummy! (I'll be sharing some recipes later next week including this one!) 
For Lunch nothing beats a simple tuna wrap I really have loved Flatout wraps as they are really filling, plus there are other awesome meals you could make with them. I also love to eat veggie chips this day I actually had a serving of veggie chips that were shaped in mickey mouse shapes! I say you should always enjoy your eating especially when your choosing to do it a healthy way. Speaking of enjoying I have a major crush on Fiber One bars (The 90 calories ones) these are really good to curb your sweet tooth and actually help you finish filling you up! 
For dinner I usually like to eat up my veggies so you'll usual see my plate full and even if I eat out I try to make better choices like this dinner was Chinese take out but I asked for low sodium sauce(on the side) and brown rice. I love to be able to join in with what my family is eating and all of use

This is another favorite of my meals I would have during a day. Yes you are looking at waffles and yes you can have them w/syrup indeed! I love to eat Whole wheat waffles and I use agave syrup which is just as good as regular pancake syrup. Yes Turkey bacon and egg whites.. Lunch I actually took some left over chicken from one that I had the night before and make a light chicken salad and I love to add spinach and use a healthy flat bread to make my sandwich..yup more Mickey veggie fries (good thing I have my own bag and I didn't eat the kids one!)
For Dinner I use my Zoodles maker but instead of using it on zucchini I used it on cucumbers so good. Another of my favorites for dinner that I love is sweet potato. I must admit I am impatient and usually will make my potatoes in the microwave. Just pierce it and wrap it in a wet paper towel put in the microwave for 5 minutes let it sit for 2 more minutes and you have your sweet goodness to eat! I also love to have Fish. I love to get the flounders in bulk and since they are so easy to make and really take whatever flavoring you add (I love to use Mrs.Dash -lemon & garlic) and they cook pretty fast and I'll be able to make a meal like this in less the 30 minutes! I don't know about you but that makes me want to do a happy dance. Plus bonus is that my kids love it too!

I hope these few meals gave you an idea what you could have and if you'd like to see what else I might be eating just check me on my Healthy IG account : @healthyadventureswellie 

If you guys would like me to post more details here as well just leave me a comment below and I'll be happy to see what I can do! You can DO THIS!!! You are AWESOME remember that!

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