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What's Wowing Me Wednesday

First off are you giggling at my title? Disclaimer... I came up w/it late at night after the baby had gone to bed and this mama is sleep deprived (as naptime has gone MIA & war has ensued but that's for another post #toddlerchronicles). With that said I was actually thinking about a few things that make me say wow and "HECK Yeah!"

Can we talk TV Shows first off? Come on are you loving TGIT lineup?  I must say I have been screaming at the TV and trying to keep my tone down NOT to wake up the baby and later on my other kids. It seems with each show that passes I get more involved. When I see How to Get Away With Murder is about to start I grab one of the couch pillows cause I know I will be screaming WT* by the end of it!

Fall Colors... Can we stop and say WOW.. I love when we take rides and can actually get to enjoy the beauty we get to experience.

Nothing like seeing the beauty that comes with the brisk weather and changing of the seasons. It's my favorite season. A favorite activity the kids and I enjoy is finding a new pile of leaves at the park (before it's cleaned up!) and have a blast jumping and enjoying it!

Now my last my wowing me right now is ALL the Pumpkin goodness going about. Of course if you stop by here or follow me on instagram then you know I must be Pumpkin Iced Latte's #1 fan Ha..(or at least #1 addict as Hubby says)

I actually found these out there :

(yes I had to include some Dunkin Love lol...) The Oreos and M&M's hmm I could live w/out but the Talenti.. OH HHHH HHHHH OHHHHH my gosh! Then again Talenti just KNOWS how to do Gelato and this is SO Good!

So those are my Wow's at the moment. What are some of yours?

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