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Word{less} Wednesday - Just Like that It's a Month Away

Yup...a month away.. I'll turn 40. WOW.. Did I just write that sentence. To me I am still stuck in a bit of disbelief that I'll turn "40" To me when I was in my teens would think that being 40 was SOOOOO far away..and oh so old. Yet here I am a month exactly from being old? hmm More like aged.

 I think of what I would have wanted to accomplish by now and what I thought I would and nothing really is on that list.

All I know is that I am thankful for my children, husband, health and rest of my family circle. I think about what I want to really accomplish now and thinking of how can I make it happen.

Dreaming of things I would love to cross off my Bucketlist still which are :

: Have a full Spa day.. I've never had one of those you know where you GO to one place to get your nails,massage and hair done..wouldn't that be cool

:A weekend at a hotel to..SLEEP!! Right now my Isy bean is fighting sleep like it's the most evil monster. Naps have all but disappeared. This mama is tired y'all! lol

:Rent a few of my dream lens for play. I'd never want to purchase them because well let's face it I think hmm you know how many other things I could purchase with that...

:Go on a Date Night with my Husband- A L O N E to the city. It's been WAAAY too long since we escaped for a fun date away from our tribe.

:Sleep did I mention I'm tired lol..I mean Sleep 8 FULL hrs. That's just unheard in my life right now I can't even remember the last time I did that.. My body would probably go haywire if I did.

: Run a 5K race. I'm able to run and LOVE it and have been wanting to sign up for a race for the longest I'd love to do it some time soon.

:Change from my PC to Mac...OH this is a SUPER SUPER SUPER biggie on my list. Now where is that winning lottery ticket to make it happen.

: Get me a pair of Uggs and Tieks... BOTH over what I'd ever want to spend on shoes for myself but it's nice to dream right.. YUP I'm a bargain happy gal.

Those are just a few on my list don't know how they could or if they will happen but when I daydream these are what my mind wonders off to...

What are on your bucket list?

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