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Word{less} Wednesday : Sweet Friend

As I watched you play by my computer in your hands was a little friend who has been with you since the very start. It was there  when I couldn't be as you stayed in the NICU

 As I'd have to leave each night I'd kiss you and make sure you'd have the puppy near by. I remember the nurses saying to put the puppy near me so it could catch my scent so when it was by you, then you could "smell" me and be comforted till Daddy or I came back.

 I remember how when we first got that puppy it looked so big near you and now to see you holding it as if nothing makes me remember each day and how blessed we are.

Now you are running about and showing mama what the word toddler really means. I see your strong character and strength.I see what Lord's grace was how you grew and was strong enough to come home. 

Each day I am amazed by by you. Just as when I am cleaning and might find this little puppy in a corner I'll always make sure to take care of it because it will hold a special place in my heart and as you grow I'll make sure you learn what a sweet friend you've always had by your side. 
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