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Unexpected Photography Adventures

Today's tale on the blog starts off with some EEK news..well if your into photography like me. Two weeks ago I on Halloween week I went to my Littles school to pick them up and take some pictures for the school when I was going about my business taking pictures and I noticed my pictures were blurry I questioned and rest my setting and keep shooting. I noticed my lens I was using was not getting the images it usually does. 

I didn't think anything about it and a week passed ( I know I didn't even download the pics GASP) we dropped off our oldest for a test and hubby made a pit stop into the park so the Littles could play. Again I was trying to capture pictures but I felt the camera was malfunctioning. I thought hmm could it be the battery? I captured what I could but in the back of my head I thought OH NO what is going on. Hubby took me to a little photo shop and the guy there did a quick overview and said he thought it was my camera ...(INSERT deep soul scream) and I thought WHAT WHAT WHHHHHATT... Of course if you know me I NEED a camera. So I did some research and say a little camera that I thought well it could be compatible with the other lens I had and it actually came w/an extra lens besides the "KIT LENS" (18-55mm)

I ordered it and called it my birthday gift to myself..sigh..NOT what I was planning on getting myself but thankful I was able to get such a good deal and little extra.

FAST forward to getting the camera. Something told me hey why not try that lens on your 7D... I said well it wouldn't hurt anything and so I did..and guess what. IT WORKED! YUP my camera is FINE OHHHHH HAPPY DAY..BUT that means my 50mm `1.4 isn't (INSERT SUPER SAD FACE) so I will have to send in for repair sooner then later to see what's wrong with it. It's my FAVORITE lens I NEVER take it off my camera until now.I am super sad BUT I said OK well I have this extra camera and lens. 

Are you wondering what did I get  I went w/the tiny (well compared to my 7D a Rebel SL1 it's so cute it looks like a little toy camera to me BUT I really like that. I also REALLY love that I can use my lens from my 7D on it so I am one happy gal. 

OK and SO now after all the rambling of my "interesting" camera adventures HOW about some pictures I captured with the camera and the kit lens. 

HELLO Girls... Hello... well at least you stayed still for the picture!

This is real life people... This poor chair is just about to meet it's end but forever it meets it's end my littlest one thought her signature should be one it. OH life w/a toddler I tell you! 

This is called hypothesized by Mickey Mouse. Got to love her! As you can see the Kit Lens really is nice and it seems to get a bad rap but you just know what to do with it. I actually really enjoyed it! 

Well I must say I learned about myself that HEY I actually know what I'm doing nowadays w/my camera no matter what I am shooting with so that made me giddy! 

This past weekend was my birthday and just as I thought it was quiet and uneventful and SO I will change that JUST as I did last year and have myself a Birthday REMIX as I did last year w/my best friend! 

Taking my camera to the city and having a blast! Can't wait for the adventure and FINALLY have my birthday cake! I mean I only turn 40 and cake should be had! 

Any upcoming happenings you excited to photograph?
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