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Drinking more Water in 6 Easy Steps

If I would ask you how much water do you drink a day. What would be your answer? Are you one who is in check and drinks their good share of it and love it. Is your answer a little different in the sense that you do drink water but you know it's not enough or are you one who would answer as I've answered before since we are being honest.. But it doesn't taste like anything!

Yup that was me. I just wasn't a fan. I mean thinking of having to drink 3 full 32 ounces of water from my water bottle just made me well make a bitter face. That was until I found ways of changing that. PLUS learning that 32 ounces guzzled down twice was already 8 cups I of course had to

Today I'm going to share with you 6 things that have made me love to get my H2O in!

1- Get yourself a pretty bottle! I know you must be saying REALLY? A bottle Ellie, but seriously it has changed my thinking of when I had to drink knowing I had a bottle I really enjoyed using to get my drink on. It's just like my daily experience. Half the awesomeness is what mug/bottle you will be using!

2. Add some Fruit to it! I know there are water enhancers but what I discovered if I add fruits to it, not only does it taste yummy but it's healthier for you. As matter of fact I take an empty gallon and fill it with water and add different fruit to keep it interesting. One I'm actually drinking today is a : raspberry  cucumbers,mint and lime mix. I made a gallon and just keep filling up my bottle (that mix is good for two days and then I refresh the ingredients)

3. Timing is everything. For me I have to make sure I set a little timer on my phone every 3 hours that reminds about my water intake and I try to be at least half way (or more) with my 32 ounces of water. It really helps me check my water intake daily. I have seen apps for your phone if you don't want to set alarms which would help you track what you drink daily.  For me I just use my alarms on my phone and that has worked fine for me.

4. Before you chew.. Chug! I try to get a glass of water in before every meal. Sometimes you think you might be hungry but actually you are thirsty. Also this will help you with your digestion while you do eat your meal.

5. Bring water where ever you go! I've seen that if I have my water with me I wouldn't think about stopping somewhere and get something to "snack" on it's also helpful to make sure you have water with you to make sure you stay hydrated. It


6.Put a straw in it. I know you must be like HUH but seriously there is something about drinking your drink with a straw. It makes it just that more fun. Try it and let me know what you think.

Well that is all from me for today. I hope this will encourage you to give increasing your daily water intake.

I'd love to know your water intake is? Are you already on the ball or do you need a push now or then?! Lt me know! Also let me know if you'd like for me to share more of the fruit mixes I use in my water and I'll share on another post.
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