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Looking Forward

As the year comes to an end I can't help but think of what is to come. Although I must admit that this year has felt one of the fastest years ever. I feel like we just happy New Year but here we are two weeks away from welcoming a new year.

This coming year I am joining Ali Edwards in documenting once again my "One Little Word" I had joined in previous years but the last two years I just had my word in the back of my mind for the year but this coming year  I want to give it that much more attention.

Here is what I will be focusing for the coming year :

This word will mean allot to me and I can't wait to make use of it.

-Studying the bible & completing courses
- Continuing my healthy journey
- Debt going down to zero
-Improving my productivity
-Challenging myself with my Photography
-Crossing off something off my bucket list each month (YES each month)

I am so ready for the new year to start!

Do you have a Word for the coming year? I'd love to hear it!
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