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Nutcracker Ballet Review

Last weekend my 8 year old daughter headed to the city to Brooklyn to watch the Russian ballet concert. 

*Please excuse the grainy pictures as I wasn't allowed to take pictures w/my camera and had to use my phone *

I must say although it was a bit rocky for the ballet to start as we got there at 2:30 and the line was around the block and the ballet didn't start until 3:30 (it was suppose to start at 3) which made us miss the last 30 minutes of the end of it as we had to catch get back to Long Island (we had ca that it was going to end at 5 as it was stated)

Although I wasn't able to photograph I do have a video that I access to of the one of the dances which was so beautiful which was the Dove of Peace.

It was so beautiful to watch live as when it stared we all thought it was only one dancer until the we saw the dancer being carried lower her wing to reveal herself.

We also loved how the colors of the costumes glimmered as per my daughter. It was a beautiful show and although we did miss the ending we enjoyed what we were able to watch.

They only had one performance here in New York you can still check here For a Full Schedule of Event Dates/Venues and Times please visit to see when they will be showcasing in your city.

Thank you again to USFamilyGuide and The Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker for this wonderful experience. I can't wait till next year to be able to enjoy this new tradition with my daughter. 

*Disclaimer- I received two tickets to attend the show but my opinions and thoughts are of my own*

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