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The Insiders Guide to Simple Chicken Recipes

Today I'm sharing one of my shortcuts that I use often when it comes to preparing meals.  I don't know about you but with the kids being off for a bit for the Christmas vacation getting back on track again is going to take a bit.

While that is happening I still need to make sure to have yummy meals for the family right? Well that is when these few tips on what I do with a cooked roasted chicken I pick up

OK so you get yourself a whole cooked chicken from the supermarket. Now what right? Well don't fear I've got some ideas for you!

1- When you get it home first take apart the chicken as for me I actually make sure to take off the skin we don't eat it. I know GASP although yes it's so tasty it also is fat so eating healthy means NO skin here!

2- What are some things your family likes to eat that you can incorporate the chicken in the meal? For me I know I can get 3 meals and a lunch for myself out of a chicken.

3. Here are few recipes I have made for my family that we have enjoyed in the past :

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos Chilli : We love Skinnytaste recipes super easy if it has crockpot in its name I know it's gonna be AWESOME

Chicken Salad : I love this because it's made with no mayo it's so good and so easy to make and enjoy for lunch.

Apricot Balsamic Chicken : This is another one that is super fast to make and although it says more chicken then what you should have by the third time using it still so yummy.

Chicken and Ham Bake : This one is the last of the recipes you could make and since it's your adding ham it's perfect for that last serving of chicken. So good and my family really loves this one.

I hope with these ideas and recipes it will help you make a weekly plan for meals and that part of your busy living a bit easier.

If you try any of these recipes I'd love to hear which you liked the best. Do you have any favorite chicken recipes? I'd love to hear it!

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