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To Document or Not Document is the Question

Today I am sharing a dilemma of sorts that I think I've found a solution. As you know for me doing project life is the way I document all things happening with us.  I have already an album for my girls which I love BUT this year I need to document my oldest as it's his Senior year of HS and although he  is NOT really letting me capture pictures of him you bet I have them! SO I decided that I'd make a digi album for him using the Project Life app.

I could have started with the start of the school year but I just wanted to make one for 2016 so it wouldn't end up so bulky (and besides I have another album that I am working on that is a physical scrapbook for him)

These are what my first page will look like in the album :

As you can see my pages are simple but they have the memories that I wanted to capture. I think especially with a teen who isn't too cooperate when it comes to getting their picture taken the stories in what I do capture is what matters most. I will include little personal notes in the journaling as well for him. I hope he will enjoy this album when it's done as much as I will enjoy making it for him. This midterms started so I am working on those pages that I will include in the this week's spread. I don't plan to do a week by week spread for him just add a few at a time and just fill in w/the journals.

If you think doing project Life might be too time consuming or perhaps cost to much I really suggest trying this form. You can just do it on your phone (or Ipad which where I like to do the pages) and at the end just send them to print and put them in an album or send them to be made into a book as there is always a sale on printing books somewhere.

I'd love hear if you try to make a few pages you don't need to make a book I actually have made pages and put them into my albums in year before. It's a wonderful and easy way to document. There is different sizes as well I usually save at 12x12 but you could make the pages to 8x8 as well.

Again if you decide you want to try your hand at making the pages via the project life app I'd love if you'd share where I would be able to see them! Happy Documenting everyone

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