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Weekly Journal : First Monday Edition

Well HAPPY New Year! I hope you guys have enjoyed your time with family and are settling into this what will be a wonderful year. I don't know about you but I have an awesome feeling about 2016. I must admit for 2015 I just went with the flow but I really am excited for what is to come with this new year.

With that I'd like to introduce something new I will be doing weekly on my blog where I will share a sort of weekly Journal you could say. It's sort of "Life around Here" kind of post but a little bit more in depth if you will. I was inspired to do this as I saw it on The Little Way and I really felt a calling that this was something I could do for this year.

So without further ado here is my first entry of the year :

Thanking God For :  
My children and husband. Right now we are entering a stage for us that is so amazing. My husband is getting deeper into his new job he got over the Summer and new things are in the horizon with that. Feeling so blessed that he has this new position. It's an amazing opportunity for him and us. I pray each day he continues to grow with this new job and guides to new steps of growth. For my children 2016 means my oldest will graduate from high school. We are in the middle of so much paper work and January means we have even more paperwork to finalize and make sure he has next year for the part set up. I know right now he is kind of nervous but I told him that is normal but as always we are here for him and cheering him as he grows and starts this new stage in his life. My oldest little girl just turned 9 yesterday. I can't believe how time has grown.  It's such a blessing to watch her grow. My youngest son and baby girl also amazing me each day my youngest son be turning 13 in March which will be in a way a new start in his growing up and I pray he continues on the path that he has. If you know him he is the most sweetest,funniest and thoughtful young man you'll meet. I also love how his faith is growing and how he comes to me to talk about our faith. It's so beautiful to see. Then there is baby Isy who is one little firecracker and is my fierce little soul. Just as she came into this world in her own terms she is defining anything that the doctors had told us might be the case with her being born at 27 weeks. She is so smart,funny and sweet girl but with one I'll battle you till the end spirit that is for sure. I am so blessed even though at times I say WOW little girl mama can not keep up but then I hear her say Mom I love you and get a hug and all is well in the world. I am so blessed and can not thank our Lord enough for them.

Praying : 
For the steps in to what I need to do to grow my faith and really understand more our Lord's word. I am doing two classes that I am so excited about. Last year although  I did a bit of bible study here and there it wasn't as I wanted it to be. In 2016 I want it to be a center point in my life. Praying for direction as I want to grow in certain things in my life and I just need direction and reassurance that this is something I should do. I know it can be scary to jump into the unknown and so I just want to jump and trust it is right and God's will for me.

Listening : 
To my 9 year old listening to hairstyle videos. I tell you she can make a mean french twist (something) she knows all the latest styles and does them on her doll I love it! Listening to my boys giggle in the room as they play their last of video games as we gear to start back up into our routine tomorrow. Hubby & Baby girl are sleeping as Hubby has to go into work tonight.

Bible Journaling : 

I actually purchased a Hobonichi (hmm I love saying that word ha) planner which I have been using to jot down daily bible passages and it's my way to stay in the word. I also make myself slow down by using different forms of handwriting which I am loving. If any of you would like for me to post about that I'll be more then happy to share if you let me know in the comments below.

Around the House :

Did you know my kids were home for almost two weeks. That should say enough about that. Can't wait for my house to be back in order or as much order as I can have while everyone is in school.

Healthy Frontier :
This is where I will share a bit at where I am in my journey. This year I want to be stronger. After losing the weight (55 pounds) I didn't focus as much as I had wanted in getting myself stronger. Yes I have learned how to eat healthier but now it's time to get my strong on. I'll share more on that as well as weekly favorite healthy recipes so look for that soon.

Captured : 

THIS makes me so happy. This year I will make it a priority to grab my DSLR more and capture more. Especially starting Project Life again. I need this. This is what I captured this past week.

Of course if you follow me you know that each year for the start of the New Year and our Project Life album I gather the family and we take our annual family picture :

(this is one of the outtakes that I captured but I love it) This was after Church on New Years Day and let me tell you it was F R E E Z I N G.  I had to go set up the tripod and then tell my family to run out the car and position myself in the picture as I forgot my wireless camera remote.  OH I love us. This was way too funny this was outtake 3 of 4 cause that's all they would give me. Did I mention it was freezing lol. Here is to more moments to remember in 2016.

Something New :

For this month (well actually will be happening throughout the year) I am doing a No Spend Month (paying the bills/and home necessity) As you know I am SAHM and so that means this is a one income home with my own little bit of personal income that comes here or there from odd jobs I might do, with that money is how I would get my own little things BUT I've decided to basically cut any extras (just have two memberships to kits which I can't cancel or there will be a fee for now) I want to eliminate my credit cards balances. If I do what I am suppose to I will be CLEAR in 6 months (hoping for earlier) so wish me luck. I already have seen some sales and things I "could" have gotten with my last income I received but turned my cheek and paid a few bills. It felt good to be able to do. My husband works hard for us and if I can help in that aspect then it will make me feel a bit better although I know he thinks me dealing with the house and kids is enough but I'd love to be able to help in the finical aspect as well. So wish me luck!

What are some things happening with you right now? What goals have you set for yourself?
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