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Weekly Journal : Here & Now

Thanking God : Slowly but surely I have been seeing a new hunger something I had not experienced. It's a good thing I guess but also it's making question more and more and wondering am I going in the right path. I think of Saint Peter and how his road came to be. Sinner first and that is where I am and now in the path of thirst that I never experienced. I want to know more of our Lord's word and understand it, I find myself sitting and reading the same verse over and over. I thank Lord for this. I Love you Oh Lord my soul yearns for you.

Praying: Right now we are waiting on news and so I pray for that. I pray for a peaceful week. This coming Saturday our Anjielique would have turned 10 years old so I am trying to keep busy and although I know she is in our Lord's loving arms the ache of this mom can't ever go away. I look at my girls and feel so blessed and I know everything happens for a reason. I see them and I see things that Anjie had and know her sister watches from above.

Listening: The noise of a full house. My heart is full. Hubby goes to work later so his voice is in the mix and the kids are all playing and talking. Listening to music I have while I edit my pictures for this week's project life.

Bible Journaling: I'm starting to get in a groove and I love it. I want to start another little journal where I'll write what a verse said to me. I really am enjoying being able to have that bit of time in our Lord's word.

Around the House: Having a routine seems to be working. I guess it's true if you work on something and repeat it's starting to work. I am enjoying the scheduling I've made around here. Here is hoping that it keeps working.

Healthy Frontier: Well my workouts had be put on pause this past week since my youngest was sick but I already have been up and at this AM. I'm still debeating should I stick with WW as I must be honest the new program "upgrade" is iffy for me and I haven't seen anything I really like. NOW it feels as if I am on a diet as before I didn't feel so restricted as I feel now. We shall see what happens.

 Captured : I'll let the picture tell it's story

Something New : How about the Week? That's about it for right now. I do have lots of "new" paperwork that I need to fill out for the kids and myself but that's not too exciting now is it but some weeks are like that and I don't mind at all.

Now your turn what's going on this week for you?
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