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Weekly Journal - Life Around Here

Thanking God: My studying I have been doing has been so amazing and I feel my heart opening more and I love that I can share what I have been reading and doing with my kids. I have gotten some fun conversations that I really love. I am loving the current podcast that are coming back from vacation and this is another way I've been able to learn. A few that I love are :

Catholic Sip
The Visitation Project 

There are a few more but these are the ones I currently have on the top of my list.

Praying : For guidance and continued patience with my daily day. To slow down and enjoy each time. Praying for clearance of what my next

Listening: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's all about Mickey in our house right now. It was Doc Mcstuffin but the love of Mickey

Bible Journaling: I really am loving being able to do this, in my Hobonichi journal. Each day I take the time to slow as I write down each passage it helps me study the word that much more and I really am loving how I can go back already to all these amazing passages to reflect on it.

Around The House : Working on the less is more and it's WORKING! Next is tackling the kids rooms. Especially their closets as they seem to have bags that have stuff they have kept for I don't know what reasons and so this coming week it's time to go through those bag which I'm pretty sure 95% is either going in to be donated or trashed. Can't wait get it done!

Healthy Frontier : This week I'm started back to doing T25 I am looking forward to getting to it and enjoying the benefits of working out on the regular I miss it.

Captured: Last Sunday someone turned 9! I can't even believe how fast is flying by. We are so blessed by this sweet very smart amazing girl. I am so proud of the young lady she is growing to be.

Something New: I actually do have a few new things happening and can't wait to share. I will be partnering up with a company that I am so happy to be part of. I'll be sharing reviews and other fun. I really love it as it's products that it offers are perfect if you are conscience of what you use when cleaning or other products you use at home. After having little Isy who was a preemie that has been one of my things and can't wait to share Who and what it is. So be on the look out this coming week!

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