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Weekly Journal : Life Around Here

It's that time again for my weekly post. Today it's up a bit later then usual as it ended up being a delayed morning for the kids so trying to get into the swing of my day. OK here is this week's edition:

Thanking God : After this blizzard we had (27 1/2 inches) I was very nervous as my husband was out there in for his job. So I was nervous till he got home. I am thankful to our Lord for getting my Hubby back to us safely and the next day he had off. Today he's back at it but at least it should be easier and he'll be home at a good hour instead of late in the evening.

Praying : This one is basically the same I've been praying for a while now and if you read this and would like to send your prayers my way I'd be thankful. Praying for enlightenment and direction. Our Lord knows best. Jesus I trust you.

Listening : My Isy bean LOVES to sing and so that's what I am listening to and her talking to her toys. I love to hear her imagination at work. Thank you Lord for my little firecracker.

Bible Journaling : I'm doing good and actually doing more listening. I actually have learned that for me listening to the Word I am able to retain it much better so I am doing now and making sure I make time for it.

Around the House : BOOM.. YUP that's just what my house looks like now. Right now I want to get up and clean and clean and clean but it's so discourging at times because it's like I clean up and 2 hours later it looks as if I didn't do anything.. SIGH on our blackboard I wrote .."Clean All Things With Love" which I need to focus on especially today where I am NOT feeling no love with all the mess that's been left behind for me.

Healthy Frontier : Today I have REALLY started to focus on it again. I have also decided to start cutting my Diet Coke I drink maybe 2-3 a day. YUP it gets that nuts around here. I am going try to have it only once a week. (TRY) key word. I've cut it out before during lent but right now I've been drinking Diet Coke out of control. I also feel like my time doing WW is about to be done. I DISLIKE so much what has happened and I dislike feeling like I'm on a "Diet" now way more then I ever had. I never felt like I was restricted.


Ahh Snow Blizzard : Jonas of COURSE I had to capture my kids in it! Let's recap shall we :

Oldest :Happy cause he made some pocket change
Youngest Son : Wanted to nap in it
Oldest Little Girl : Happy to go out and Play
Baby Girl : Wasn't having it and wanted to go back inside

OH I Love my Kids!

Something New : Kind of excited that I found a new site that actually will help me in my studying the word of the Lord.  There are movies, programs and so much more! It does cost $10 a month to join but I think what could I use $10 a month that will not do anything for me as this will WELL I think it's a bargin! I really am happy I heard about it on the podcast that I really love. These are a group of Catholic moms who are SUPER funny and I love what they share each week. You can check out their podcast at : The Visitation Project 
The other site that I am talking about is called FORMED and you can go to their site at http://formed.org I highly recommend it. It will be the best $10 you spent. (well in my opinion)
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