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Finding Donuts As Fierce As RuPaul

This past weekend we ventured out to find this little spot that one of my friends had talked about on Twitter a few weeks ago and I must admit when she had posted I HAD to find this place even more so since it was so close to me!

The place I was talking about is called Doughology and it's located in Lynbrook, NY.
If you are in Long Island I REALLY think you should make it a place to stop by and enjoy.

I don't know about you but my knees get weak just saying the word donuts so to find out about a place where they are made fresh well NOW I knew I had to make this a little family adventure.

When we got there I love that it's a little corner spot and so inviting when you walk in. THEN you look on the wall and see this!

I'll let you get a napkin to clean up your drool but don't take that napkin too far cause there is MORE OH MY GOODNESS coming your way.

The donuts had us very giddy. They are baked in front of us and are waiting to add what topping you would like. Which they have a menu to choose from. 

These were the main ones we choose :

Also if you don't want to pick from the menu you could follow the steps above and make your donuts of your dream! I already told Hubby I want to go back this weekend since our Wedding Anniversary is next week I couldn't think of a better treat to celebrate!

What is your favorite kind of donuts?
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