Forks are Our Friends. - Adventures With Ellie

Forks are Our Friends.

I'd love to share a little something as to what a Fork means to me.
This may seem silly at first glace but once you read I bet you'll find out you
have a little crush too.

Ode to The Fork.

Savor. You tell me. Slow Down or I'll have to give you Pinch.
Savor. Slow Down. Whoever thought of this concept. 
I have so much to do and so little time to sit here and eat.
Savor. Slow Down. No matter how meaningless you might think this meal might be.
Slow Down and notice whom are you enjoying it with. Are you standing? Then Sit. Make sure the meal you share is with someone or more then a someone makes it that much better. 

Any stories to tell then let me help you not only Savor your meal but the words that you share.

Eating with a fork has it's purposes I have learned. To me it does take more time to eat when you eat and guess what I actually am enjoying it and am remembering to not only cook for my family so that they may enjoy but it's taught me that this is a time that should be for myself or anyone that cooks a meal. It's our time to Savor and remember what we eat when and whom we were with.

So next time you have a meal why not grab a fork and remember my little ditty and ode to the Fork who asks for you to Savor your next meal.

So now of course my question to you is. Do you use a spoon or fork?
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