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I Jumped and Got Stitched

I had been seeing PLENTY of gals who have been either raving or ranting over getting their Stitch Fix I must admit I was super curious but with our VERY tight budget I stayed away.
Finally I said you know what the heck. I'll give it a chance.

What I liked is I could skip the boxes and return what I didn't like.  You also set when the boxes will arrive at your door. That helps loads because I can/will budget in when I can get myself a box.

I must admit I was very concerned as I haven't had any luck when I have tried anything that I had to order online for myself unless I know the brands and what it is.

There is a "questionnaire" you fill out so they can find out your size and likes and dislikes when it comes to your style.
These were the pieces that were picked out for me. I had to giggle because it was as if they had picked pieces from my closet! You get 5 items in a box.
I actually own something similar to 3 of these pieces so those I did return I kept the cardigan and the shirt you see me wearing.  In the 2nd picture.

I couldn't resist this shirt as it reminded me of baseball (the stitching Ha) plus it's SO comfy!

If you would like to try Stitched Fix I have a referral link HERE that you can use give you a $25 credit!

If you sign up I'd LOVE to hear what you think! I can't to see what might be in my next fix and I'll be sure to share.
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