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So What's On Your Menu For Sunday?

Today I thought I'd share a few things that I plan to make this Sunday that will be pretty quick and easy to make.

For starters I will be making  Honey Chicken Inspired Chickens (I'll be switching the legs for wings)

While those are in the Oven I'll be making some preparing other little Hordeves like these turkey Meatballs and as a sweet treat the Chocolate Cups.

Of course to keep it healthy and interesting I like to have a tray of veggies w/some Hummus (we love Trader Joes Tomato & Red Pepper kind)

I don't know but I like a little soup as well or am I just strange? Here is of my favs that I think will be perfect it's my Butternut Squash YUMMM.

I'm thinking that one more treat that will put it over the top for Super Bowl 50 are my famous Rockstar Mama Cookies!

Hopefully these will give you a few ideas as to what to make tomorrow for the game. Honestly I don't watch the game really I just stay for the treats and commercials.

What are your plans for tomorrow?
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