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Wordful Wednesday Goodbye Oprah's Weight Watchers

Today I usually post a picture I've captured of my kids or something that has caught my eye, but today. It's SO not that. So grab a cup of tea/coffee and let me just well vent a bit.

If you have followed my blog you know that I have been doing Weight Watchers and had reached my goal and felt the most awesome I had ever felt in July. I've been so proud of all the hard work I've put in and with the help of Weight Watchers I actually achieved my goal.

Then all of a sudden there was a change with the program. First it was Oprah was going to be part of Weight Watchers. Although I do like her I don't think her being able to give her two cents about being healthy should be part of what weight watchers is. Sorry to say we have seen all the ups and downs of the "Fad" diets she has tried. We have seen her at the lowest and highest weights, BUT all she has done has been things that a person like myself couldn't because I live on a limited budget so therefore when I workout or the choices of what I buy/cook is on a budget and need to be on a means. Sorry to say Orpah I haven't seen you running after babies or having that much worries.

Granted you worked HARD on growing your brand,and what not BUT you are living a reg. woman's life who as myself after having kids, or being in school have made the conscience decision that it's TIME for her to be the healthiest she could be with not so healthy pockets.

What brought on the even more upset was watching the news and hear how Oprah stats Oh she's lost 26 pounds and she eats bread everyday Join her.. WHAT... REALLY....

HOLD ON NOW.. guess what I also eat bread everyday. YET THAT isn't what Weight Watchers is suppose to be. It's NOT suppose to be a diet and I really feel as if her being behind the brand is making it just that "another Diet" What Weight Watchers has meant to me has been a lifestyle change and that is what I wonder has Oprah REALLY realized that yet? I mean sure she could say so in her next commercial  but I want to really see it be. I see just another TV personal saying OH Do WW and you'll lose weight. GUESS What NOPE not at all. If you think by just using WW magic is going to happen nope. It's learning one's triggers as of what I see she said bread is for her OK that's find but you have to also say WHAT have you done to change. WHAT else have you done?

I have heard so many who have already left being part of Weight watchers because the new program was not gradually introduced but BOOM here you go now deal with the changes. We are NOT all happy. Especially like people like me who were use to one thing and reached our goal and now had been thrown for a loop. Honestly if I had to pay to continue the program I wouldn't but since I am lifetime I don't have to anymore just need to maintain. GUESS what I even have gained weight trying to adjust to this new program. I never felt restricted while I was in the old program. Now I can't say that. Right now I'm trying to see if this will be something I continue but for right now what I want to say to Weight Watchers is PLEASE don't have Oprah telling us oh eat bread everyday and she  is losing weight still because that's not it. Weight Watchers is NOT magic it's the start of what you should be thinking of as a LIFESTYLE change NOT a diet and presenting it like this is making me feel as if this is just another diet.

OK enough of this vent and let me tell you MY plan from now on.

I've found a app via a friend that tracks points as the old system did. For me I really am happy because for me keeping track is a VERY important part of how I lost the weight.

The App is called Ultimate Food Value Diary ( I believe it's 3.99 but worth it) It will track your food like the old Weight Watchers system did. I love that I found it and will be using that from now on.

Another App that I love is called Virtual Trainer I had actually mentioned this App a while back and have gone back to it. It's awesome because you can set up your own little workouts for for how long you want. Start out with 10 mins. and work your way up and it allows you to add different equipment  if you have at home.

Of course I'll be working on getting back on REALLY working my FITBIT as I admit I was slacking. This shall be my last slacking week as my kids are home and we are taking it EXTRA slow and LOVING it. If you want be friends on Fitbit just leave your email and I'll add you!

Now I'll leave you one little thing that I have learned through out my getting healthy journey. Until I REALLY believed this NOTHING ever happened. 

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