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Do All Things WIth Joy

It's so hard nowadays to even think that doing what we have to do on a daily basics should be done in such a way. I know I am guilty of this. There is no Joy in cleaning toilets. Or is there?

As I go into my kitchen and see the mess that my family have left behind all I want to do is grumble and have felt as I'm being just taken advantage in a way and I've even wanted to sing a Cinderella song! 

I've been learning to stop and say a prayer and ask for my chores to be accepted as a works of love. I must admit that I've thought it to be funny to even think of it.  It is something I am still working on but I want it to be something of good works no matter how I might want to protest.

YES I will still grumble but I say Lord help me and know hard work is easier done when done from the heart and with Love..

So I'll be jumping up and give it up today as I go about crossing off my to Do List. Will you try to do the same? Even if you are reading this at your office desk and those deadlines are just screaming at you and you just want to say a few words under your breath... Don't...  and Do All Things With Joy. (at least for a bit cause practice makes perfect right )

I hope you have a wonderful day. What's one thing you want to switch how you feel when you are doing it?
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