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Favorite Five

It's been a while since I posted one of these so here we go!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. ! First day of Spring brought upon us a few flurries guess Winter wanted to leave with a good fight huh?

Here are a few of my favorites right now that have been making life that much sweeter!

1. Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte

This makes me so happy! I get 3 days worth of this as I have 2 servings (which is 2 cups which adds to a large sized Coffee) and WAY cheaper then going and getting it at actually Starbucks! It's my start of everyday. Its 3pp (I still calculate the old Weight waters way) so that makes it that much more awesome for me!

2. Frixion Markers 

These make me OH so happy! hmm a Marker you can ease YES Please! I use this in my bible journal, planner you name it I use them. Love the quality of them and the colors are so bright and pretty.

3. Ultimate Food Dairy 

This is the app I have been using as of late since Weight Watchers changed it's way I was use to tracking and which worked for me this is what I transferred to as it uses the old points system and I LOVE it! This is the way I had success so why change it!

4. Oldest Senior Year

 This is my oldest son's last year of High School and it's been so much fun so far to watch him enjoy it. This was him on Sport's Night and that circle there yeah that's him. This year will be his last year playing baseball as he wants to focus on his studies when he goes to college so it's bitter sweet and I am loving ever bit of his last Varsity year so much. He's actually the captain of the team so Mama is so proud. Here are to many more adventures to come! 

5. Birds Eye Veggies

These little baggies of goodness have been LIFE SAVERS! I love all of them. This one of my favorites, they have potatoes, even pasta and loads more  AND I love the price point on them. I usually will make pasta or rice for the kids but I will have this for me and the points are so good! They so filling and so good. It has 2 servings (usually a cup or a cup and a 1/4 which is AWESOME) and then the baby will eat the other half.  Next time you go to the supermarket make sure you grab a few of these.You'll thank me!

So those are a few I've been loving right now what about you what are on your favorite Five list right now.
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