Why I Love Goals And You Should Too! : March 2016 - Adventures With Ellie

Why I Love Goals And You Should Too! : March 2016

YES March is HERE! I don't know about you but January and Feburary felt like the L O N G E S T months EVER.  March for me is an awesome month as I know even though it's still cold Spring is around the corner, with Daylight saving,Spring Training, my anniversary (14th today) and our youngest son's bday (he will be turning 13!!!! on Easter yup DOUBLE bonus right there!)

So with all that said I of course feel the need to set some goals I have been doing it the last couple of months and it's really helped me. I do post my goals up on  Instagram : @eaugustin and I would LOVE for you to share your goals for the month and tag me so I can cheer you on!

So what are my goals for this month,why so glad you asked.

Here are a few things I really want to focus this month

: Complete PIIT28 : It's a 28 day workout program with Blogities which I am excited to get started. Once I finish posting I'll get really to get my first workout in!

: Saving > Spending : YUP cause my goal this year is to repeat,repeat and REPEAT this goal!

:Photography Blog: I actually do have one of those but I've let it collect TONS of dust. This month I'm challenging myself and if you would like to join me stop HERE to see my little adventure I plan.

:Purging: This is part of what I am doing for Lent so I shall continue to do so for this month. It has been an awesome thing to be able to clear and actually help others at the same time.

:Pushing THROUGH: Ah yes my struggle. I am by far the WORST at keeping this schedule OHHH I have tried and tried but you know what if I stop trying to get my flow going then I've really failed so with that HERE is to a new month of trying to actually cross this off with a happy face instead of another sad face. HEY This counts as 1 post for the week right HA!

So what are you goals for this month ,I'd love for you to share with me.

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