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10 Favorite Photo Apps For Iphone Photography

I have a question for you. What do you use to take the majority of your photos you capture? You'll probably answer as most people and say their phone. Well I must admit so do I. That's why I decided to share with you my top 10 apps that I really am enjoying.

PicTapGo : I've mentioned this AM before but I just to include it in this list because it is my go to when I want to get a good edit it's from the makers of Radlab which is what I use when editing so why wouldn't I! ($1.99)

Snapseed : This has become my go to for editing pics that I go to for pictures I want to use on my posts on the blog. It's like being able to edit and sharping the pictures I need without having to edit on my computer. (Free)

Big Lens: You KNOW I love my DSLR and this is an awesome app to get that blurred look in a picture when you want a focal point to pop. I also use it when I want to just blur out things I don't want to share (information/person) that I want to keep private. ($0.99)

PS Express: Just what is sounds like a mini version of Photo shop. Another one I use for my blog pictures as this gives me more control that I am use to when editing on my computer. (Free)

Camera+ : This was one of my first apps I got that made me feel as if I was actually using a DSLR and it's so fun to use. I love the editing you are able to with it. This is the most expensive of the apps but I do love it and think it's worth it. Especially if you would like to "test a DSLR" then this is the app for you. ($2.99)

Color Story : If you want vivid, fun and vibrant this is the app for you I love this when I want to make one of my kids pictures I've captures or a yummy plate of food. This app is free but there are extras that effects that add to the fun that you can purchase it. (Free) 

VSCO :  Another app that helps you edit with the feeling of a DSLR I use this when I want to edit pics on my Ipad (Free) 

Afterlight : I love the effects this app has and how you are given the choice to place your pictures into different shapes ($0.99)

These next two apps are FUN apps I love using them especially when I want to capture more then a picture in a single frame. (These are good to use when blogging to group pictures to tell a story) 

ActionCam: This is one addicting app not only for yourself but for my kids. I love this as it able to capture them while the action is happening. I can't wait use this on my boys while they are playing ball. (Free) 

PhotoGrid : Another one where you can group and edit your pictures then post either online or print those extra pictures for your project life or scrapbooking.

I hope these helped you and you will try them out. I'd love to hear which ones you did or have tried. Also if you do try from this list I'd love to hear what you think!
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