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5 Tips To A Healthier You

Today I will share with you the top 5 things I have learned throughout my weight loss journey that REALLY do work and if you do them you WILL reach your goal.

1. Commit:  "I bet you must be saying Ellie what are you talking about?" I'm serious not by just words but by your actions.  I can't tell you how many times I've sat saying "Oh I am going to do this and I'm going to do that" Just a week later I've completely forgot my excitement I had about what I wanted to accomplish the week prior.  I don't know about you but life gets so crazy that I think hmm am I going to use these 30 mins. to sit down and just get on Pinterest and daydream. I admit I have been slacking so this post is not only for you but for ME to put myself in check.  I am worth to give myself 30 minutes to a healthier me and so are you. Are you ready to commit?

2. Count:  This I am thankful that I learned from weight watchers. It's AMAZING what happens if you count what you eating in a day. You don't even have to write down the calories, just take a notebook or even on phone use your notes app. I mean EVERYTHING even those extra bites that you finished that your kids didn't. The "taste test" to the meal you made. ALL OF IT. Also how much water you are drinking. Do this just for a week and you will see your habits. Bonus if you write the times you are eating. This will show you your "trigger" times for me it's around 8-10 pm This is the time I can just mess up all the "awesome" I did all day but eating 2 scoops of ice cream w/all the toppings...OPPS. This is when I grab for my water. Did you know sometimes when think we are "hung

3. EAT: This one can be a tricky one. You see it's not important of course to eat but make sure what you eating is actually  good for you. I have seen people basically starve themselves by eating one kid of food, or a liquid diet or just cut out everything and eat what at seem not even a little bird would be full. What I do is try to write down what I will be eating in the day. I find this keeps me in track. I make sure I am eating greens and drinking water as water is such an important thing I found. I want to check yourself and see what it is that you are eating and is it good for you. How can you make it healthier? I'll be sharing the weeks coming up w/a few swaps you can do that will be healthier for you.

4.Sweat: Long ago I thought if I was sweating I must of been sick. Now I know that sweat is actually proof of hard work being put in.Be in cause it's too hot your body is working to keep cool. There is NOTHING that beats that feeling of working out and feeling the sweat of your hard work. It actually is like your reward. It can get addicting I must say!

5. Love  This is something that actually took time for me. Love. To love where I was in my journey. To love the S L O W progress of it all. To know it doesn't happen over time. To love how I was changing, to love how I was making different choices. To love the hard work I put in. To love the rewards that I gain. Don't forget this is your journey no matter how slow you think you are you are already ahead because you are conscience of starting a healthier life. So own it and LOVE IT!

 I hope these few tips make you reflect and want to take that first real steps into a healthier you. I would love to hear about your journey. Just leave me a comment below. 
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