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A Bit Of Advice I'm Taking that you Should Too

I must admit I am running all over the place as I am trying to use my OLW.  Truth be told I've put it to the back burner and haven't gone at it as I know I should.
My One Little Word for 2016 ACHIEVE and I've been REALLY slow at getting things done but the last two weeks I've been working hard.

This AM I had some personal things to take care of at home and came across this saying.

I have learned that sometimes messages we need to hear well can be very subtle or it could be shouted at you, the thing is we need to make sure we are paying attention so we can receive it and put them to use.

 I was going to "rest" and not post today BUT I believe not only myself will need this today so here is hoping this inspires you as well.  I think this is for my my oldest son who is deciding on which college he will attend come the Fall from his acceptances . It IS a hard deciding but I trust in him and you bet I'll show him this once he gets home!

What are some things you are doing to anchor your future and will be thanking your future self for doing so?
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