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Appreciation Gifts Teachers Will Love

Next week (May 3rd)  is teacher Appreciation day and I already have planned what I will be giving the kids teachers and today I'll share a couple of ideas you could give your teachers in your kids lives.

When ever I get a chance I love to spoil our teachers and this day is perfect for that.

1 -  Peach Teacher Appreciation Box: This is a cool gift that actually lives up to its name it has so many amazing treats in a box that you could have ready for your teacher.  Since it wouldn't arrive by Wednesday I say make sure you print out a sweet little note with it stating this gift is coming their way and it will be double as sweet when it arrives!

2- Gift Card to Paper Source : Need I say more about this one? I believe this would be an awesome place to send your teacher to shop for things they would love. They could either shop on line or go swoon at a store!

3 - Coffee : I'm pretty sure being able to grab a cup and not having worry about having to look for some change for at least 2 weeks would be awesome. I say you could make a cute little gift with a nice mug and put the gift card inside with a pretty card letting your teachers know how awesome they are!

4. Best Gift of All : SAY Thank you! You'd be surprised how much that means and I've learned from hearing our teachers saying that was so wonderful to just hear a thank you. I usually will bake cookies throughout the year and let our teachers know how much they are loved by us. They do so much and our kids so long throughout the day teaching and giving our kids love.

What will you be doing for your kids teachers this year? I plan on having some end of the school year projects soon to share. So make sure you stay tuned for that!

I hope these ideas have been helpful and they give you an idea

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