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Doing New Month Goals The Right Way

AHH New Month. Another month to panic about the goals you didn't accomplish the month before. OR wait is that just me?

I must admit my March Goals... FLLLLLLUUUSHHHHH...down the drain. YUP... ALL didn't even happen. I had good intentions to do so put it didn't work out as planned. Alright it actually made me more aware as to what I wanted to do and see that I actually didn't fail it actually was my way of putting things in my forefront as to what I want to do throughout the month.

Now it makes me happy because here we are another new month. Another month to set goals. Some are repeats and some are new.

Want to see what I wish to accomplish this Month :

  • NO Spend Month. This I HAVE to stick to my guns NO MATTER what. I actually did start to set up to make it easier for me last month. I actually canceled my two kits I had signed up for. Let me tell you it made me SO sad to do so BUT I did order myself a few goodies at the end of March which will be enough to get me through April. OH this is gonna be hard but worth it!
  • Blog. Be consist. Not going to say how many times a week but at least once. So I can share all that is going in my head.  I must admit I have many posts in works but I just never finish posting them. I want to change that. I have some fun recipes that I bet your family will enjoy as much as mine.
  • Get back to running regularly. I have ran but not as I use to. I actually need to get my baby girl's running stroller's tire fix it, as I hope it starts to warm up and we can go on mini runs in the AM once her siblings head out to school. 
  • LOSE these 5 pounds YUP they tagged along from February to March and here they still are in April. 

Those are what I'd like to accomplish I also have mini personal goals that I have written down. Here is to a month of accomplishing our goals. The key is make them simple and keep them in view. WRITE them out and place them where you will be reminded as to what you want to do.

I am looking forward to letting you guys know how I did with these.

I'd love to hear some of your goals if you would like to share. 
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