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How 10 Years Ago Formed a New Me

In the last 10 years.

  • I lost my old self and gained a new me
  • Learned SIDS can happen but still waiting on my answer of why
  • I've never slept a whole night again
  • I mourned my baby girl
  • I read her favorite book to her for the last time
  • I make sure her siblings would/do remember how loved she was/ is each moment I can.
  • I can not help but check more then once on each of my children at night while they sleep.
  • The Number 7 and Friday together will forever make my heart ache.
  • I wish I wouldn't hear I'm so sorry for your loss
  • My faith has grown by each day.
  • Each day my love has grown replacing the pain I will forever carry.
  • Listening to "Love" by Keyshia Cole will never be the same
  • I've carried her two baby sisters in my womb.
  • Sharing my faith is something I feel the need to do.
  • Believing in our Lord's love for us became so real to me.
  • I know that no matter the storm there is Love at the end as long as you believe and have faith.
  • I am blessed to have held and loved our Sweet Pretty Girl.
  • Am Thankful everyday no matter how little time she was in my arms I held and loved her and know our Pretty Girl and know is our Lord's arms and one day we will see her again.

Today I may shed tears but give praise to our Lord. He blessed us with our Anjie. He showed me what pure love not only from her but from him is. I will hold on to his promise to us. Till then I will say Thank you Lord. When I fall I know you are there to pick me up until once more I can start taking my steps with you by my side.


I'll Love you Forever
I'll Like you For Always
As Long As I'm Living
My Baby You'll Be.

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