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Multitasking was Made for Ipsy Makeup Bags

Every month I get a treat that Hubby has gotten for me which is my Ipsy membership. I love that I'm able to try different beauty products which I really have enjoyed.

Each kit comes in a cute little make up bag. At first I would keep them in my drawer in a box but then I started to find other uses for them and now I look forward to getting more inventive with them.

Since Ipsy is pretty popular I'm pretty sure you might have a few of the makeup bags as well so here are a few things you could use them for too.

Gift Bag : I have actually used them to put a little gift inside them, for example for the first week of school I had put a gift card for my daughter's teacher inside so it was a sort of a double gift! A very pretty little bag and a treat inside.
Crayon Holder : I don't know about you but I think I could should hold stock in crayons! What I have done is when I go to the Dollar Store I will get a few packs of crayons and divide them up in a  bags and have them ready for when one of the kids are on a crayons search (they also work for markers as well)

Coin Purse :These are great to put your money and any credit card and go! I use these when I am just want to a local

Toy Safe : I can't tell you how these little bags have saved the day. I will grab one of them and put a couple of little toys and in them and off we go! Plus my girlie loves that she has her own little bag that's not only holding her treasures but is pretty too.

Mini Diaper Bag: This one might depend on what size the purse comes but I've held 1 diaper and one of a small pack of wipes when I am just going on a run w/the baby our running stroller and know I'll be home quickly but don't want to take our regular bag these are perfect for it.

I hope these ideas will help you use those little cute bags and if perhaps you want to give Ipsy a try and would like to use my referral link just go HERE

I must say these are the best treat for $10 a month 5 different makeup goodies that comes in a cute makeup bag I say its a total win-win.

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