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Over the Rainbow Sweet Boy

Today I had a totally different post ready to be shared but last night one of our Fluffy Boys passed suddenly and since he was part of our family I thought it was only right to write this up for him. We will always remember and love you sweet boy.

He was fine during the morning and through out the day but come night fall he spiraled down and passed. In a way I'm happy that he didn't suffer too much and we holding him and loving on him till he did pass.

It was pretty hard for my two middle kids as they we have had then almost 5 yrs now they were a Mother's Day gift from my Hubby.

I had actually been bugging Hubby for a while for them and totally had up on getting them until that wonderful Mother's Day that they became part of our family. 

I remember I choice his name George because of the Bugs Bunny cartoon the one with the giant who grabs up Daffy Duck and says " I will love and hug you and call you George" I couldn't think of a more perfect name. Gabi gave our other fluffy boy his name : "Sonic" as he was running as fast as he could inside the box when they arrived.

It's so hard to see my babies so sad and it breaks my heart but once again we held to our faith because as I saw Georgie was about to leave us Gabi and I started to pray and just as we  said Amen Georgie passed. 

I hope that helps bring a little peace for my babies today we will bury our Georgie boy and that will be hard as well but hopefully we will remember how having Georgie in our lives was for the better and all the fun memories. 

We have another fluffy boy named Sonic so we have extra pamper him and love on him as he will be missing his brother. 

We love you fluffy boy. We know you doing those popcorn pops in Heaven and enjoying all the basil and grass your little self heart can enjoy. 

This AM the girls are playing with Sonic and he seems OK and is doing his usual things. It did break my heart as I heard Isy ask "Mama where is George" and her siblings said Oh he's on vacation...

Sorry for the melancholy post today and I hope you will understand. This was actually our first actually family pet that we lost and so I had to document it as life is not always full of happiness but the one thing it is always full of is Love and that's what I want to hold on to and know our Fluffy Boy would want the same.

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