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The Story of the Toddlers vs Food

How many of you have sat looking at your little one and saying "YOU HAVE TO EAT!""Didn't you say you were hungry" "Look mommy likes it yum" AHHH yes many a times I've had that,but I've learned a few tricks along the way that worked for my kids. I'm gonna show today how to get your kids to eat all their food!

Alright maybe not all but most! (Hey a mama can dream right!) These things have been pretty good to get them to be open to trying different foods. My oldest..well let's just say he has been "Interesting" BUT So here are some little things I've done with my kids.

1. One Try, One Bite (swallow too!) Policy: When introducing new foods I tell my kids it's ok NOT to like things but give it a try, so they have to give it try one full bite before saying if it's really not like or liked! It's amazing how many times I've heard " BBBUUTTT  I just don't like it" "Have you every ate this before" No...OK so you know what we nee to do!

2. Give Them a choice : This is a little trick I love to do. I usually will have 3 things on our plate, but when I give it to them I say here you can have 2 out of the 3 to eat. Right now my youngest is obsessed with any protein. This is funny because when I was expecting her I was OBSESSED with all things burgers I had to have eat one almost everyday, everyday if I could. Well guess what she loves her chicken (as all meat is called chicken to her right now) and if she loves it. WELL mama gonna give!

3. Let them see YOU eat it! : Tell the truth how many of you will give your kids a plate of veggies and all "good" food and your plate looks NOTHING like theirs? I admit I have been guilty. So I have made sure that all the veggies and other goodies I put on their plate is on my plate and they see ME enjoy it AND share what you don't like too show them it's OK to not like it all but give it a try right along with them.

4. Don't Pull Your Hair out! : You've tried these tips and they STILL don't want to eat. No matter WHAT! Well this is where my oldest son's story come into play because he was my picky eater (still is at 17) For him it's actually WHAT his plate in front of him looks like. YUP. If it looks "yucky" no matter HOW good it is the boy will NOT eat it. So over the years I've had to get creative with him. Create little works of arts on the plate! I would form flowers and group the foods to form little different shapes. He found it funny and guess what it made him giggle to actually try foods. YES it is more work but you know what it's been worth it.

5: Let them help with the Meal : While I am preparing dinner I let them come and help me. When they see what we are cooking and I give them small tasks to do. There is nothing more cuter then seeing your little one say I made dinner and then eat it all up!

6. If all else fails Repeat and Repeat : My youngest is at a stage right now where she nibble at it all but there is something that she will gobble up which is spaghetti and well it can get interesting at times (see picture below) OK so this happens EVERY time, good thing it washes off with soap and water and I KNOW she loves it and is getting something good to eat (because I puree veggies into the meat sauce) and she's happy and so am I! So I say puree and add it to their favorite meal.

So my last tip I am giving is they are little only for so long and I feel as long keep trying to introduce them to good food and they see you eating them as well then I say let the adventures in food contuine. One thing I love to do is discover new food together. They will make interesting stories to tell their kids when they are sitting in front of them saying the same things you use to tell them.


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