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When Self Reflection Sends You Running For Cover

As I held my littlest in the middle of the night and comforted her from the germs that seem to not want to leave her alone, she dozed back to sleep I dozed into reflecting as to what my current situations are.

  • Budget is a BIG thing right now for us. How can I help our situation. 
  • Fitness. My well being. It's not like I'd want it to be. Why? 
  • Anxieties filling my head. What I going to do to make them go away?
Seeing how I haven't done any justice really to my word I picked for the year. 


I'll be sharing soon some things I have in the works. In the meantime I'd love if you would help me.

What are some thing you would like me to share on the blog?  More Recipes, Crafts, photography, healthy living,family living 

If you would be so kind and leave me a comment I'd be so thankful. Till then I'm off to hug up on my Beanie girl and brainstorm some more!

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