Word{less} Wednesday : Imagination at it's Best - Adventures With Ellie

Word{less} Wednesday : Imagination at it's Best

It's that time again to share a little bit of what I've been capturing. Another one of my Isy. Promise next week I'll share what my other kids are up to as well. It's that Isy has entered my favorite stage which is where she is enjoying her own quiet playtime and her imagination is in full bloom.

Sure it can be messy and make me think why did we get all these toys again, but you know what it's all worth it as I see and listen to the stories that are going on. The love you have for your dolls oh it just melts this mama's heart.

I then remember the messes can just be picked up later while you sleep and while I clean up I can smile thinking of the adventures you had with each of them.

What is your favorite stage of childhood? Is your kid at this stage or perhaps not yet or it's long gone? I know I look at my 17 year old remember and now he's graduating HS. Don't blink it goes WAY too fast!

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