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Word{less} Wednesday: Morning Starters

Up and half asleep from getting woken up in the middle of the night with my usual insomnia and the rustling of my youngest in her sleep leave me in the morning dragging along. Waking up the other kids that need to get ready for school hurrying into the kitchen to make sure all the lunches are ready to be taken.

Nudging the kids to move along and eat breakfast as we look out the window waiting for the school bus to arrive. One by one they leave and it's only the littlest and I at home. Now I turn to my kitchen that looks as if a mini hurricane has hit it. Sighing as no dish washing fairy has visited so that mean my first chore of the morning. Find my Kitchen once I'm done as if clockwork I hear my youngest say "mama I'm hungry" "Chicken please" We are at the stage that any meat well is chicken..The AM chicken she speaks of is turkey bacon... and so I get the pan out and cook up eggs and turkey bacon for her and cut up some grapes and get her seated and serve her breakfast.

Finally it's time to for me to say hello to my dear friend. The one that helps me open my mind a bit more that pauses my Robot mode that I am when I wake up in the AM.

Funny thing is that when I was growing up I was NOT a fan of coffee. I always wondered what it was that my mom found in drinking it as clockwork every morning. I'd see her pull out the can that help that coffee that seemed to bring her smiles. I remember her waiting for the coffee to be ready in the old school coffee maker. as I call it. The little Stove Top Espresso maker that you had to keep an eye so the coffee would not spill over when it was done. I do remember the aroma and how I would say it does pretty good but drink it no thanks.

Now here I am 20 and change years later.  NOW I understand. This is our quiet moment. This is my time to center myself (some what) as to prepare for the day. That feeling you get when you have your cup in hand and sit. The first sip that just automatically curls your mouth into a smile. Giving for even a second that you can conquer the world and what is in ahead of us.

Sure only for a second but that second is worth that first sip. As I finish my cup.. I feel my brain click and say "On your Mark.. Get Set.. Go.. although I must admit some days might even need another but I save that for later in the day when I know I'll really need it.

Well it's time to get this Day started. I'd love to know do you have a Morning Routine that helps you get started? I'd love to hear about it. ... HERE is to ROCKING this DAY!

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