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Friday Favorite Five : Bloggers Edition

Was it me or was this the longest week EVER.. OH I am so happy it's Friday! It's been another roller coaster week but it's awesome to finally have the weekend even though it will probably fly by as well but I'll take it.

Today I wanted to share with you some helpers of mine that have actually been helping me be a better blogger and it's made me accountable which I am loving.

Mail Chimp    
 This is what I have been using for my newsletter. Truth be told I hadn't given this a chance and felt as if I wouldn't be able to understand or get the hang of it. NOW I have gotten it pretty into using it. Have you signed up for my newsletter to check it out? (hey of course I had to throw it in!)

 I've been using Canva to help me make my title picture. I love that I can use my own images or use the ones they have for free. They have templates you can use that you are able to edit and use. I love it!

This is how I schedule my posts for Facebook and Twitter and love that there are additional

 I've shared how much I love this app before. I really helps me edit those pictures I need to edit on my phone and use for my posts. It really is amazing.

 This was a newer app that I've gotten I love that this helps me get ready to post a little preview of my upcoming posts. I just sent it up with a time and date with all the info I want to include then I get a reminder and then hit when I'm ready to post and it takes me to my platform and I just hit post from there. THIS has been a time saver. 

If you use any of these or have any other programs/app that you use that you love I'd love to hear about it!
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