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Graduation Is Coming Guess I better Get a Gift

If you have stopped by my blog as of late you know there is excitement in the air as my oldest will be graduating High School next month and it's speeding up I must tell you. These last two month are super full but I wanted to share some ideas in case you have some graduates in your life as well.

Need To Be On Time: I don't know about you but my son OH MAN I always to make sure he gets moving being on time where he needs to be so I thought what better gift then a nice watch. One that he will love to wear.

Cancel That Noise : I figured how it can get crazy here and how I know my son needs to have his quiet noise (his music ) I thought these would be perfect for those soon to be extra late night study time.

Words from the Heart : This one I am hoping my son would cherish and see the love in each of the words I put into an album that I am working on for him so he keep it and be able to look at it maybe late at night when he's suppose to be studying and know we are all cheering and behind him.

Book On Career They are Interested In : I think this is really important as saying you want to be a "so and so" and actually read an experience I think would be very helpful. I plan on getting a few for my son that I think he will get incite a bit better.

Care Package : My son isn't going away but he will be traveling to the city so I figured I get him set up and will make a box full of goodies he will need. Breakfast bars, Metro card, Train Pass and other things. If your child will be in a dorm you can get things to make their stay that much more comfortable and make their dorm feel like home
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