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I should be Blogging BUT Life is Happening

Sorry for my lack of posts this week but I'm in deep when it comes to living in the moments. Time is flying by and so is my son's Senior year. Only a month and a half before graduation and all the events that are snowballing on us.
 I want to enjoy right along with him and try to capture of them as much as I can for him.

Yesterday was one of those days especially as it was the last game of the regular season and showcase for the Seniors who will be graduating.  It's been so amazing my watching  his love of the game and what it's meant to him over the years.

This will be the last year he will be playing for a while as he wants to focus on his studies when he starts college.

As for me I am soaking it all in and so those posts I have just about ready to share will be put on pause for the moment. I'll have them up and ready starting on Monday again. I can not thank you for the support I have been receiving it means more then I can say. Also make sure you sign up for my newsletter as come June I have a special series for those who are signed which will be a free Project Life class I am working on.

Again thanks for supporting and stopping by! I'd love to hear what's going on in your life right now.

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