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Life Around Here

If you are a regular visitor then you might have noticed I had been a bit quiet over this week as I mentioned on yesterday's post. Lots of paper work and check off lists. It's always like this at the end of the year isn't it.

 I keep thinking WOW did I have to fill out all this paperwork as well when I went off to college but never the less we are SO happy and so proud of our boy. Before I get all tear eyed I thought I'd do a "Life Around Here" Post to catch ya'll up. 

 Watching : Right now I have a few shows that I am loving but sadly they are about to end. Mondays: Dancing with the Stars. This is my first season ever watching really I would just watch the recaps but this season I'm invested as I started to watch because of Ginger Zee and my 9 yr old girlie loves Jody from Full House. We also became a fan of Nyles he is AMAZING! Thursdays belong to TGIT - this will actually be the last of my shows as they will be giving the last episodes of this season.. I am SO SAD!!! Sundays: Once a Upon a Time another I watch w/my Littles but they also are giving us the season finale this coming weekend. OH but I also have GAME of Thrones which I run to the room right after to watch and my little go to bed.. YAY Jon Snow.. Ha.. I'm looking forward to So You Think you can Dance and then I'll just be seeing what I watch if anything. What are you watching? Maybe I'll jump and watch too!

 Reading :I can't believe it y'all but I  ACTUALLY am reading I mean it's super slow because well I can only get a page here and there or I decide to go sleep but  I really am enjoying it. It's called Juggle without Struggle. I really love that it's a story about how a wonderful woman learned the "Five Peace Secrets" I'll be sure to share what I think of the book once I'm done. (warning I am the worlds slowest reader!)

Eating : My favorite treats right now I must say is Trader Joe Cookie Butter OH MAN that is one dangerous thing! I only have 1 teaspoon every other day but OH MY GOSH it's so good! I also am loving my frozen grapes, Cabot snack sized cheese bars ( I found then at BJ's)

Drinking : Well if you saw on my last post you saw that I started my 30 Day Detox and it's actually going pretty good. Well it's only been 7 days (today) but I'm keeping up and remembering so that's a good thing. You guys it's been 5 days without my coffee.. I KNOWWWWWW..but hmm yeah I just told hubby to bring me a decaf latte I need my coffee hey decaf should be fine right ha! (I'm the worst) If you are interested in trying the tea use my code : ElliesTeaFriends for 10% off! 

Planning : I have a graduation and a 3rd Bday coming up next month only a few days apart. It's gonna be NUTS y'all but my son already told me all he wants is a good dinner which I'm trying to see where can we take him. His graduation is in the evening so I 'll get to parade my graduate SIGHHHH at dinner and I can not wait I am so proud and then there is our little Beanie baby. I need to work on her #3 as it's become a tradition that I make a number for her pictures. OH my poor fingers! I have an idea of what this years theme will be let's see if I can make it happen! Also it's looking like I need to start working on Staycation activities again since Hubby has a new job there is no vacation for a while and our oldest will be going back and forth to his college and other things he will have in store.
So stay tuned for that post of what I'll be doing this year.

Dreaming : So many things but my main goal is to keep working on this blog. If you haven't I would LOVE if you would sign up for my newsletter. Also please let me know what else you would like to see. I love sharing ideas and fun but please do tell me what else you are looking for. I'm working (REALLY HARD) on making a free little project Life series lets see how that pans out. I'm hoping I'l have it ready next month but it will be only available to those who have signed up for my newsletter so don't miss out!

Well that's all for me right now. I would love  to know what's going on with you right now. I already was planning for next week and it's another JAM packed week but shout out to my SIL who is coming to get my Littles (my 2 middle kids) and keeping them for the weekend along w/my 4 nephews & baby niece!! TALK ABOUT MVP!!! So this weekend I'll take that time to write up my upcoming posts and a fun little something I have upcoming up for you guys.
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