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New Month Bring On The Goals

This month my focus my well being. April I must say was SO stressful OH MY GOOOODNESS was it and I felt no matter how I tried to grasp at things it was just going out of control. Which meant stress eating GRRRR.... and with that comes extra friends that weren't invited to the party! The extra pounds crew.

So these are my goals for this month.

Detox It Out
So I've getting it together and for starters I'm doing the 30 Day Teami Detox Tea I'm looking forward to doing this. Although truth be told I know it will be hard because during those 30 days I can't drink coffee.. (say a prayer for me lol) I've heard awesome results from friends and hope to have the same. I'll update how it's going once I start. (Starting next week)

Walk/Run it Off
I also need to make sure I HIT 10,000 a day. I must admit I get to 8,000 and then that's it. I KNOW I can do those extra 2,000 but don't. Not acceptable anymore. SO moving more!

Girl What you Eating!
 Getting my eating in check. I know WHAT I am suppose to be eating. I start out strong in the AM but come the afternoon.. OUT THE WINDOW... that's another reason I need to do that Detox my body is all sort of wacky right now. I've been craving sweets WAAAAAYYY too much. Which means eating too many cookies and snacks after a good day and then I sit there and go OH MAN.. I  did it again and grab another cookie. Time to check myself before I wreak myself!

Love Me Time
This is one I haven't been able to get to in months. NOT GOOD. You must love yourself if you are going to get that feeling that will keep pushing you. I make sure to take care all around me but truth me told I've been just whatever when it comes to me. I need to make time for me. Therefore that's why I already have gotten myself my own Mother's Day gifts and feel good about doing it for me.  I put the guilty to the side.  You just have to remind yourself that you are a woman as well as a mother,wife and everything else.

If you are interested in joining me and want to give the Teami Detox Tea a try : Use the baby : EllieTeaFriends10 for 10% off your order.

What are your goals this month I'd love to hear them! I'm so looking forward to getting back in track. Next month is a biggie and so I need to make sure I hit my goals this month.

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