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Wild and Free !

I am sitting here and planning the upcoming month. As I have mentioned before June is a going to be BIG around here and so exciting and I am so proud and just in awe of what will be happening in June.

I've mentioned my oldest is graduating High School.  Also the one that I had to step back and just give praise and am so proud about is our Isy Bean will be turning 3 years old!

Now if you have followed along in our adventures then you know she was born at 27 weeks and spent 59 days in the NICU. She came home and praise our Lord has thrived and have just kept us in awe.

I got the opportunity to be able to receive the most perfect shirt for my girl. She IS the true meaning of "Wild and Free" she is fearless,daring,sweet and funny and just will run free if you let her.

Now can we talk about Andrea's store : Show Love Loud She has a sweet little store on Etsy where she personalizes onesies and tees. She puts so much attention to detail when you receive your package.

I love that she is able to personalize your sweet shirts for your little ones. I already know I want to get my new little nieces and nephew something made just for them since we have new babies in the family. This would be so special to have them made just for them.

My Gabi asked me who sent Isy an early birthday present. It was wrapped so beautifully and with such with such care. Of course the beautiful little bag it came in mysteriously disappeared the minute I took out the shirt... I looked and finally found it with little barbie doll clothes in it yup in Gabi's room.

Here is Ms. Beanie showing off what has become her favorite t-shirt right now. She loves how it's sparkles and says she's a princess.

Also Andrea was kind enough to let me share a code for you to get  free shipping! Just use : ADVENTURESINSHIPPING to get free shipping.

Well I am off as I am currently in the mist of potty training which I must say has been amazing and I've learned a few things I'll be sharing in a future post. Is it me or do you forget the "fun"between each kid you potty train?

If you do shop at Andrea's shop I'd love to hear what you ordered for your little one!

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