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Enjoying These Amazing Moments

I must say I have been a bit stressed because my real life is super busy  and being able to give attention to this blog has gone to the back burner and I know that in order to achieve what I want with it I need to be consist BUT right now I am enjoying the little BIG amazing wonderful moments that real life bring.

What I have learned from my blogger friends most of all is you can NOT play the compare game and you can only give what is only true in your heart and so that is what I will bring for you. TRUST me I have Lots to share and have they all in draft mode and once I finish this amazing and blessed stage in my life you BET I will be sharing.

For today I'd like to share one of the BIG moments that happened. It felt as I had been talking about it for what seems so long and then it was here!

MY first Born DID IT!!!!  He is now an official High School Graduate. It was an amazing day and I loved that I was able to document it to it's fullest for him.

It felt like yesterday I saw him learning to read, to do math and little by little w/out me noticing how fast it went he was graduating. Enrolled for college and well he's on his way. I told him NOW is when he need to buckle down. Even with the fun times again this will be his TRUE formation as to the true future he will have.

He knows how proud I am and that whatever he is doing I am going to be the BIGGEST of his cheerleader as I know what he is capable of which is amazing and great things.

HERE is to the the most amazing and wonderful of new adventures my love! I am SO Proud of you!!!

BUT first let's get our Summer Fun on....(first adventure coming soon! )

In other news I am proud to share that I also have a NEW and upcoming 4th and 8th grader!!! Which means there will be yet ANOTHER graduation next school year for us for my youngest son. MY HEART is bursting.

Stay tuned cause there is a Birthday celebration this week as well! Let's just say PREEMIE POWER!!!

What milestones are you having in your life right now? I'd love to hear them

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