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Plan and Lose Weight!

I wanted to share a few meals I'll be planning to make this week not only to give you ideas but to also keep me accountable with what I was going to eat.

One of the things I have learned during my weight loss journey is how important it is to track what you eat. I don't know about you but I can be the QUEEN of mindless eating so for me having a "game plan" ahead of time I am ready for the week.

Also what I have learned depending on "outside" food is a BIG NO,NO... That is when you really mindless eat. So for me when I am out I try to have a snack or know where we are going to grab something to eat so I can make a healthier choice not a hungry choice.


Monday : Oatmeal, Wheat Toast, Banana & Latte

Tuesday: Thin Bagel, Egg whites, Turkey Bacon, Banana, Latte

Wednesday: Oatmeal, Banana, grapes, Latte

Thursday: Waffle, Egg Whites, Turkey Bacon Latte

Friday : Oatmeal, Egg Whites, Turkey Bacon, Latte


Monday : Wrap/ Popcorn

Tuesday :Tuna Sandwich/Veggie Chips

Wednesday: Freebie

Thursday :Hummus/ salad

Friday : Soup


Monday :  Fruit/ Fiber One Bar

Tuesday : Yogurt /Fruit

Wednesday: Pop Corn/Granola Chips

Thursday : Fruit/Fiber One

Friday : Granola Chips/ Fiber One


Monday : Sweet Potato, Roasted Chicken

Tuesday: Cucumber zoodles, ground turkey Meat Sauce

Wednesday : Chicken Salad

Thursday : Tacos

Friday: Veggie Pizza

Also with all the meals I have been working on having 32 ounces of water a day (or more) I don't like plain water so I love to infuse fruits into it. My go to are lemons and strawberries. I also need my water to be ICE cold I know they say it's good to have to room temp or luke temp but I can't I need it ice cold.

Sometimes we think we are hungry but our body is just thirsty so make sure you get your water in especially now with the water temps and if you are working out you don't want to get dehydrated.

I hope this peep into my week's meal plan helps you out and make sure to check out my "Healthy Living" Instagram account : To check out what else I'm eating and doing to keep up w/my weigh loss journey : healthyadventureswellie

Do you have a weekly meal plan? What are your go to or favorite meals? I'd love to hear them.
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