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40 Things I'm Surprised To Still Be Doing at 40

When I was just a new mom at 22 I actually had an imaginary list in my head of what I thought I wouldn't be doing/needing to do as a mom by the time I would have turned 40 because hello by then my kid would be grown and know how to fend for themselves.

Reality snapped me back into the real world pretty quickly especially since I've had more babies since my oldest was born, but not before I had a list that has grown over the years that looks something like this :

  • Timing my showers to be 8 minutes because that's all I get before a child has to ask me a question even though their father is right in front of them.
  • Speaking of bathrooms. I've forgotten the last time I've been alone in one.
  • Not have to watch over and over episodes of Wonder Pets or Teletubbies.(WHO invented these shows. I'd REALLY like to meet them)
  • Not have to call out to one of my kids more then 40 times in a day.
  • Not Mix up their names when calling them (this gets fun when you have more then 2 you can ask my kids they will tell you.)
  • Make funny noises in order to get your kid to eat
  • Taste food you don't even like and fake it so your kid will like it. "YUM look mommy loves Brussels sprouts" (no,no I don't yuck!) 
  • Give your kids the "Look" in public places, and remember how your mom had the same look and NOW totally understand it's power
  • Ask your older children (boys) did you remember to put deodorant on today. 
  • Explain WHY showers are an important daily routine.
  • The need of Coffee becomes essential for the survival of your start in the morning.
  • Telling your kids it's NOT good to lick walls
  • Quiet time really is meant for you not your kids.
  • Making believe you didn't hear your kids screaming MOOOOOOMMMM for the hundredth time just to hear them say one of their siblings is looking at them.
  • Telling one of your kids not to put things up their nose as it's dangerous and scares the daylights out of Mom (used that one just last week)
  • Wore the same outfit more then once in a week
  • Have bought toys over a new shirt so you can change out of the one you wore already 3x this week.
  • Did the biggest happy dance when all kids go down for bed, because that means some me time.
  • Making sure the kids are all in bed when it's #TGIT (Nobody messes time w/me and Olivia) 
  • Making sure when packing lunches they each have their sandwich cut as they like it because you know it will make them smile
  • Checking on them while they sleep and smile and want to cry not because of how tired you are (ok a little) but because you love them so much
  • Get excited of mastering potty time and thereafter doing a dance every time they do.
  • Being the one who has a secret stash of band aids for that tiny little microscopic scratch that only your child can see.
  • Not staying up past midnight expect on New Year's and then your in bed by 12:30 am
  • Dry Shampoo Sprays have become one of your favorite things ever
  •  You always carry more tissue then you need in your purse even if you are just going to the corner store.
  • Scoring supermarket sales on Juicy Juice AND Pop tarts the same week make you feel like you won the lotto
  • Buying your own stash of Juicy Juice and Pop Target to hide for yourself.
  • Getting to go to the store alone becomes winning the Lotto!
  • Finding yourself asking your older child what happened on her kid show cause you missed it putting their younger sibling to sleep. (Am I the only one who loves watching Stuck in the Middle?)
  • Starting sentences with "Back in my day we didn't have ..so and so we had to so and so" (Then gasping because you just had a flashback of your parent saying it!
  • Get the warmest of feels when your kids loves that movie just as much as you did as a kid as you did (The Labyrinth did it for me at my house) and reciting the lines of the movie word for word together.
  • Buying the same cup in different colors and using a sharpie to write each of the kids name on it so the fighting can stop over cups
  • Realizing that getting the kids special at the movies for yourself is something you should had done even before having kids (The snacks and toys you get are pretty cool..hey just saying) 
  • Getting just as excited about kid movies as your kids. Can't wait to finally get a chance to see Finding Dory
  •  When they came out with gel nail polish manicures you thought it had to be created by a mom because how else could you explain it's awesomeness!
  • You never thought you'd be so excited to try new cleaning products.
  • You find yourself humming kid songs even without having any of the kids around.
  •  Loving all day pajama days more then you did as a kid.
  • Even though you are so tired, wanting to just hide and eat your whole stash of hidden treats by the end of the day there is nothing like seeing a smile, receiving a hug/kiss and hearing I love you mom that makes it worth it and gives you the strength to enjoy the madness and beauty that is parenthood the next day.

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