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Christmas in July and 5 other Annoying Things I've Heard Lately

This little post came to me while I was opening my email to see yet another email title of "Christmas in July" as if this title would make me RUN and open it up and actually want to click and spend money. SURPRISE... NOPE it wouldn't actually it will make me delete such emails without even opening it.

Here are other things I've heard lately :

 Back To School Sale 

I know that some kids are actually going back to school very soon. Like next week soon BUT NOT IN NEW YORK!!! We still more then a month to go. So why are these "sales" up already because we all know we shall be shopping 3 days before school starts because THIS is when the REAL hustle of sales and getting that last item on your kids list happens!

WOW you've got your Hands Full

Since it's Summer  people of course have been seen walking with all 15, I mean excuse me 4 children. Why did I mention "15" well that's the reaction I get for my 4 kids.

Mind you my children are basically grown!!! I have 2 teens boys (is that what they mean that my hands are full?!?! Cause only one has given me a few extra greys as of late..) and then my girls... WHY is it that when people see you have more then basically 1 child it's as you will perish and welter away?!?!

Do I not look capable of taking care of my children? Sure I am tired but I'll be dammed if I let them win,but seriously thanks for the concern but I'm doing pretty well thank you.

Since we are on the topic of kids how about this one:

 Are All Them Yours?

I maybe "maybe" might understand (for a Milli second) being my children are mixed BUT if you hear my kids call out to me and say MOM well then..... your reason for this question is......  Many a times I've had such a smart response but I take a deep breath and smile and say why yes ...yes they are ALL mine. Which of course brings up the previous mentioned annoying thing.

Can't wait till School Starts

Maybe I'm a weird one, but I'll actually miss having my kids at home. I've seen some interesting posts of parents saying how the will have a parade and celebration and countdowns and I'm feeling like I should become Kermit the Frog and drink some Tea on the side or something. For me especially at the stage I am of parenthood my kids are actually growing way too fast. I know this is part of life but it feels as if I blinked and I have a college freshman, another son who is in his last year before heading to HS, an amazing just about pre teen daughter and a not so tiny toddler. I just keep saying WHEN did this all happen. For me I'm wanting to squeeze in as much time as possible with them because they are only little for so long.

Now for the most annoying thing I've heard and seen as of late :

Game of Thrones will be back Next Summer

I don't think I need to say any more about this one right here. I mean it's just so annoying and cruel if you ask me.

Well I hope these made you giggle a little today. I'm off to enjoy the day with my 15 kids!
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