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Mama I got to Pee and other things I hear in the Middle of the Gospel

First off I must thank Rosalie from Contrite Catholic for inspiring this post. She had posted how "interesting" it can get to get kids up and ready early on Sunday AM oh and how I agree.

It's almost an Olympic event to get ready to go to church. It all depends on my youngest right about now.
We either will catch the Saturday evening Mass if my youngest hasn't napped. That way by the time we are getting there she is sleepy and will fall asleep (if I am lucky before the 2nd reading is done.)  If not we go first thing Sunday morning and hope for the same to happen.

OK let's just pause right there. THIS will only happen 2 out of 10 times nowadays.  That's why today I thought I'd share what has helped thus far and perhaps one of my tips will be helpful for you and your little ones.

Routine is Key 

I try to go at least 3 times during the week to morning mass. It's short and sweet but it's been helping my youngest to get use to what is happening. Especially with it being Summer right now we get to go with her siblings and she watches them and will imitate their actions.

Sweet Little Treat

I have a stash of goodies in my bag at all times.  I make sure what I carry when I head to church isn't messy and quiet for her to be entertained.
 I usually will have a baggie of frozen grapes. My youngest loves them. Cutting them in halves is the trick to making them bring last the whole service.

Non Noisy Toys Are My BFF

Cardboard books and barbies are in my bag as well. My daughter also loves my rosary bracelet I wear and will ask to wear it during mass. I would say if your little one has a lovely they could bring that along as well.

They are little for only so Long 

If all else fails "yay" for the crying room. I'm pretty sure they named that room for what the parents what to do not the kids. I have to keep reminding myself. They (well she in my case) will only be small for a little bit longer as with each day she is getting bigger sigh.

I want my husband and I to be a witnesses to her and her siblings as they see the importance of going to mass each week and how beautiful it is to be able to spend time with our Lord especially all together it' truly is an amazing blessing.

 Sure my face has turned bright red at times when I've heard in a loud enough little voice  "Mama I have to Pee"  just as the Gospel is about to begin, but it's worth it.

So don't despair and think OH I can't go because well my kids act up or whatever other reason you might have. Our Lord knows our hearts and intentions for being there. So get those little baggies of goodies and tell me how it goes for you.

Oh and if you have any other tips I'd love to hear them!

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