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Once Upon a Time in the World of Parenting

This is a tale that actually is true. It's the one where I  sat in the mist of what seemed to be two different worlds. Sit and and enjoy the tale of potty training and of my HS graduate. 

My oldest son who is now a High school graduate and ready to face the new world once a time ago (ok a couple of months ago) had the important real life task that would be presented before him as he was to  embark in the endless world of paperwork and quests of finishing high school. In his new adventures he had the luck of having his mother who had ventured these same waters many years ago. As the both entered these waters to his mom's surprise things to this same journey she had taken was a totally new world now oh how times truly had changed.  This became a new adventure for them both.

Just as they thought the ruff waters of these adventures were finally turning into calm waters a twist came about and entered a baby girl who needed to be potty trained.
As sweet and cute as this little one seemed she was by far the most feisty littlest one mom had encountered. When mentioning of potty training the little one just giggled  I'm pretty sure she had it in mind "Hey I have diapers and you" who needs this Potty training business. No matter how many riches as stickers,cheers and lots promised treats the answer was still NO. 

How would Mom break this little one.. Ahhh then she felt the wisdom as how to deal with this... Walk away and leave her her alone for now.

As we returned to the adventures of College bound land I felt every drop of agony that came with the waiting.  Those evil yet exciting envelopes from the different colleges he had applied to. All were Congrats but yet we were waiting on THE one to arrive that felt as if it took forever in the mist of that I'd walk by the potty and say "Look baby girl, you want to go?" All I'd get was a grin and a pull of the "reward" wand that would just cheer.  As to say Mama I'll just cheer for you for still trying.

Suddenly it was as if the stars started to align. Graduation was in our reach. Acknowledgements of all the paper work needed was received and acceptance to his college of choice were here.
I started to relearn the lingo of what Financial Aid was. Amazing how it totally had changed when I was in school. I  started to panic and remembered to call my mom and say oh my goodness no wonder you had gray hair.

In the mist of that world wind I heard the words I had been yearning to hear " Mama I have to Pee" and off she went and sat and YAY!  Without pressure, no stickers, no promises of anything. I  instead got the reward of the biggest smile and heard "I did it mama!"
As if that wasn't exciting enough the moment I had waited for what seemed forever had arrived. I got to see my oldest pride and joy wear his graduation cap and turn his tassel. 
We had done it. I could now breathe, but wait you mean there is more?  Now we have to deal with new adventures and new tales that are to be told very soon.

Did I mention I also have two other awesome kids who will be entering 4th and 8th grade.

This means this coming school year there will be more paperwork, special exams and all that other fun to come as I will have a high school freshman come end of the next school year.

If I have learned anything this past school year is to step back. We can't do it all for our kids No matter how much we want to at times.  We have to actually let them fly and remind them no matter what we are right behind them and they will always have  the biggest of cheerleaders there to support them.

Do you have an interesting parenting tale that has happened to you so far?
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