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Prayers,Plans and Potty Runs

Yup that's what my life is looking like right now.

I actually have been writing more in my journal and spending time in prayer. I've been writing what I want to achieve with the next 5 1/2 months left of the year. OK did you guys read half of the year is OVER!

Funny I use the word "Achieve" as that is my one little word for this year and confession I really don't feel as I've given my all to use that word this year.. So I have 5 1/2 months to really put it to work.

I have been pulling at ALL the straws at the same time. Of course that will cause me to achieve NOTHING.

Since I'm always on the go and doing something I found an awesome site that gives me just enough in the AM that it helps me center myself.  It's called  Pray As You Go. It gives you the daily reading and a little reflection and it's never longer then 10-15 mins.

Everyone has that bit to give to focus right? They even have an app so you could be cleaning up something and listen.  It really has been awesome to do daily and love being able to have that first thing in the AM.

I also have been learning that I need to tackle one thing at a time. Right now I have a list of Goals that I have broken up into even smaller goals.

First and foremost is working with a true budget. What I have been learning is how to differentiate the "wanting" and really needing. It can be hard and you just want to pout but when your put in the corner you just have to take a deep breath and learn.

I know you can't work with the "Oh if I do so and so I've this to work with. " NO the truth of the matter that is "make believe money" if it's not for certain you will have it then you don't have it and cannot plan with it because it will only lead you to trouble and more debt by planning with uncertainty. 

One person who I have been loving is Jessi Fearon her blog is beyond awesome. I have learned so much from her. Such as what having a true budget is suppose to look like and what I need to make my credit score get better and anything to do w/living in a good balance.

Right now she is offering her course which is free (she has loads of resources on her site as well which are free) Which is called "Debt Free Christmas Challenge " I signed up. Last year I didn't really find it in time to plan and really get it done BUT this year I am all in.

So if you want to give it a go please do and let me know you are doing so and we can support each other!

Now I left the most fun for last. Potty Training. Actually what I learned from my little Potty Rock Star is when they are ready they will let you know and man did she.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw it took her less then 2 weeks and she was done. I was/am impressed.

Although the only thing is y'all she will NOT for the life of her go in a public bathroom. I bring her bathroom cover and all and she just will not!  So yup I carry her portable potty in the car but hey at least no diapers!

Here are some things that we are loving that really helped.

The First Years Disney Baby Minnie Soft Potty Seat  Isy really has loved her seat. I'm actually glad too because she only uses the portable potty if we go out.  Pretty undies is so very important or at least with my girls. Isy is using these Handcraft Little Girls' Frozen 7 Pack Panty, Multi-color, 2/3T they are so cute. OK maybe it's cause they are so tiny! For overnight we use PULL-UPS Learning Designs Training Pants for Girls, 2t-3t, 25 Count although I must say it's for just in case because she actually does pretty good We have only bought 3 packs so far!

 Plus stickers and happy cheers each and every time. It is kind of fun to see her light up and give a big smile. Ahhh the adventures of potty training. 

So that's whats been up in my house right now. What's going on in your world. Well it's time to do something water coloring that's another thing I have been enjoying that I'll be sharing soon. I actually use it in my journals and bible. Stay tuned for that!
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