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Relax, Relate and Detox.. (Giveaway)

If you have seen over this last year I've been on a journey to get healthy. Over this time I've been sharing what has worked for me and what hasn't. Today I am sharing one of my favorite things.

I've mentioned Teami Blends before. I have done the 30 Day Detox and I loved what it did for me. It wasn't so much of losing weight but how I felt it really felt me feel less bloated and gave me more energy.

I for one must admit I was iffy at first because I am really a coffee lover and not a fan of tea but I had heard so many good things I had to give it a try and so I went ahead and ordered.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised because I really enjoyed the tastes! I also loved that they have an app that helps you track when you are doing the 30 day Detox. I don't know about you but with how busy I am this was perfect to keep me on track. At the end of the 30 days I couldn't wait to do it again!

I actually contacted TeamBlends and said I HAVE to give one of my readers a chance to give your products a try and guess what I get to give to one of you a Supply of Colon Tea which is good for a month.

You take it every other day. Let me tell you, I was most nervous about taking this because I know teas that are are "cleansing" you well they make you feel as if you are giving birth (yeah TMI but TRUE!) so I did not want that feeling and said OK I'm going to give it a try and guess what it was so gentle and amazing. I would drink it after the kids were down for bed and I'd relax with my tea and then head to bed.

When I woke up the tea worked y'all and I can tell you I saw lots of my belly bloat go down and I was thinking WOW look at that.  I am SO excited to hear who wins and gets to try this tea.. OH AND I also get to give away with it a Blue Tea Infuser which is what you use when you have to lose tea (Not included in this Giveaway)

PLUS if you want to give the Skinny Tea a try (or any other of their awesome products) I have a code you can use that will give you a 10% discount Use :EllieTeaFriends10 to get your discount.

So now all you need to win is to ENTER below!

Now are you excited (which I know you are!) Enter below for your chance to to win :

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  *Disclaimer :  I was not given any compensation for this giveaway just want to share the love *
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